Popping Up! We now have Popups ⬆️

Guest Author

Along with today’s announcement that we are now CM Commerce, we’re very excited about the first major product investment we’ve been able to make since joining Campaign Monitor: Popups.

One of our significant goals has always been to help you eliminate unnecessary apps from your marketing stack and consolidate as much of your workflow as much as possible. That is why CM Commerce remains the only email marketing automation solution that also enables Ecommerce brands to collect and leverage product reviews and user-generated content.

When we set out to build our own popups, we wanted to build something that was super-easy to use and that could fit into your current CM Commerce dashboard and workflow seamlessly. We effectively wanted to create a shortcut for you to capture a new lead or email subscriber via a popup and then immediately drop them into a welcome or nurturing workflow (where we have many pre-built recipes ready to go for you).

Here’s a quick overview of the primary features that are available for Popups today:

  • Create a new popup, link it to a mailing list of your choice and activate it to start capturing new subscribers on your website immediately.
  • Popup can be triggered in one of two ways:
    • After x amount of time spent on a website;
    • And/or based on “exit intent” i.e. as soon as the user’s mouse scrolls outside of the browser window.
  • You can capture as many meta data fields (custom properties) for a subscriber as you want and then use that to segment and personalise your emails. (TIP: Capture subscriber or customer birthdays and send them a surprise on their birthdays.)
  • Easily edit the design of popups with our WYSIWYG editor. Or just use one of our pre-designed themes.

All that’s left for you now, is to pop on over to your CM Commerce dashboard and create your first popup. It’s already available and included in your current pricing plan. ?