Grow your brand with automated email marketing.

Make the most of customer interactions with personalized details automated into every email.


Premade marketing automation recipes

Activate pre-built, high-performing email automations with a single click. This library of email recipes includes a welcome series, abandoned cart emails, order follow-ups, review invitations, and even loyalty program messages using third-party loyalty integrations. Just sign up, adjust, and launch. Or create your own from scratch.


Nurture and convert your visitors into customers with newsletters.

Send beautifully crafted newsletters to inform your subscribers and nurture them into customers. Keep them engaged with completely branded emails, and automatically pull in reviews to create a consistent presence.

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Abandoned cart emails

Win back the sales left in carts.

Remind your customers of all the things they wanted with a series of perfectly timed abandoned cart emails. On average, 70% of your customers will abandon their carts. Use our automated workflows to remind them what they were looking for—and make it even more appealing with a coupon or positive review.

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Send receipts that drive more results.

Don’t miss out on that amazing opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell. Design and send different receipts to different types of customers to optimize every marketing opportunity. Use one of our templates to quickly get started, and combine with segments to turn every receipt into a call to action.

“CM Commerce has been a game-changer for a small company like ours where our marketing team is just two people. With the pre-built workflows and email automation, CM Commerce allows me to focus on running our business — without needing to worry about our email because it runs itself. Once we connected our Shopify account and activated the CM Commerce tools, our overall conversion rate shot up by 60%. We’ve seen a $58 return on investment for every dollar spent.”

– Aron Schoenfeld, CEO at Cafe Joe USA

Follow-up emails

Maximize repeat sales with follow-ups.

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. Take advantage of those odds with timely, segmented follow-up emails that are entirely automatic.


Reward loyal customers and motivate new ones.

Targeting a specific customer has never been easier. Welcome new customers to your products, entice lapsed customers with promotions, and reward frequent buyers—all through CM Commerce.

Visual product reviews

Generate trust and sales with transparent customer feedback.

Customers can upload photos of your products along with their reviews. And you can insert this social proof directly into your store’s site and email campaigns, turning questioning prospects into eager customers. This user-generated content is the perfect way to promote trust through transparency, creating an appealing brand to modern shoppers.

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On-site widgets

Showcase your reviews.

Capture your customer’s attention in key converting places using integrated widgets. Choose from various styles to perfectly integrate each product review on your site and in any email you send or automate.


Connect your tools for deeper personalization

CM Commerce integrates with many other apps to give your customers an even more personalized experience.

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Capture more sales using email automation.

Connect your shop to CM Commerce and watch as intuitive automations multiply your sales.

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