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From pre-built customer journeys to our easy-to-use email builder, CM Commerce gives you the tools you need to send automated emails that boost sales and grow your business.

Connect your ecommerce platform in just a few clicks.

CM Commerce brings all the key offerings we need as a growing ecommerce business into one place. The traffic sent to our site by CM Commerce converts higher than any other traffic source, with a 23x return on every dollar we spend.

Melisa Fluhr, Project Nursery Co-Founder


Features to help you automate your email marketing. Think of us as your first full-time marketing hire.

Pre-built automated email journeys

Send abandoned cart emails, a welcome series, receipts, and just about any other automated email you can think of β€” without having to start from scratch. Maximize your revenue while minimizing your effort.

Drag-and-drop email builder

Create beautiful, mobile-friendly emails quickly with our drag-and-drop builder. We'll even recommend a template for you based on the type of automated email you’re sending β€” optimized for your particular goals.

Product review collection

60% of customers read reviews before purchasing β€” it's time to make sure you're collecting them. Start gathering product reviews and showcasing them where customers make decisions.

Ready-to-go popups

Capture new subscribers immediately with stunning, ready-to-go popups. Pick a layout, customize it to fit your brand, and set it live on your website.

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Every email has a purpose. And if yours don't have the right purpose, you could be wasting money. Read more and see how to make every email count with our guide to maximizing email profitability.

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