We are now CM Commerce

Guest Author

This company was founded in 2014 with the goal of helping ecommerce brands earn more revenue from a missed marketing opportunity: their receipts. Since those early days, we’ve evolved to help ecommerce brands stand out from the crowd and do profitable marketing.

In today’s environment where many more businesses are able to shoot for the stars and become a Venture Capital unicorn, we have focused on helping brands be profitable and sustainable. We have always supported a business strategy where $1 spent on marketing needs to result in at least $2 (or more) in revenue.

With this goal in mind, we’d like to share that we have found the best of allies: a couple of weeks ago we joined Marigold, a family of global marketing technology brands, and will be rebranding to become CM Commerce.

Back in 2007 when I started working on WooThemes / WooCommerce, Campaign Monitor was already a few years ahead of us in what I believe was the wild, wild west of software. What really resonated was that Campaign Monitor was bootstrapped and building their business with loyal customers. (I’m biased here because I have used Campaign Monitor for each of my businesses and also my side-projects. This company has also been a Campaign Monitor customer since 2014.)

And if you needed evidence of this pre-existing relationship, Campaign Monitor shared our success in the very early days.

With this backdrop and on this foundation, we’re incredibly excited about the future of CM Commerce. Since joining the Marigold we have been investing heavily in the product and are excited to release our newest feature: Popups. This has been our most frequently requested feature for years, but previously we did not have the resources to invest in this. Marigold and Campaign Monitor are helping us scale and accelerate our investment in our product roadmap.

Going forward you should thus expect more of the same, but on a much greater scale than before. CM Commerce is all about doing better, more personalised and profitable email marketing. We will continue to build a product that helps you craft the best customer experiences, create a profitable ecommerce brand and ultimately grow your revenue.