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Guest Author

Since you’re here, you’ll notice that we have a new website with new branding. After we joined Campaign Monitor late last year, we temporarily moved our website to give us time to work on the new brand and website.

Looking at our blog, it looks like there is a gap in the new things we’ve worked on and sharing those with you. We’ve not been idle though and have just announced those elsewhere. That said, we’ll be back to our old ways now and you can expect new content on our Academy and regular feature announcements here.

Getting back to today though, where’s it’s all about sharing a brand new feature we’re releasing today, as well as doing a quick recap of the other things we’ve built in recent weeks.

Say hello to Browse Abandonment

The latest feature to slide into your CM Commerce dashboard is Browse Abandonment.

The tool works as efficiently as its elevator pitch: When CM Commerce identifies an existing customer or new visitor and sees that they keep looking at the same products, we can automatically send them an email to nudge them to make the purchase. Browsing your website and looking at a product multiple times is a strong signal of interest and purchasing intent.

Here’s an example of what such an email looks like:

You can view this email here too if you wanted to peek at our HTML (and validate that the image above isn’t from Photoshop).

That email was entirely crafted in CM Commerce with no code and within a couple of minutes. It was done by yours truly too and I’m not a designer.

In building this feature for you, we’ve also taken great care to remove your guesswork and time investment in using this new tool:

  • We’re already doing the tracking for you automatically. (We improved and extended the tracking we do for abandoned cart recovery to support this too.)
  • There’s a best-practice recipe with a well-designed email (by an actual email designer; not me) ready-to-activate for you.
  • Want to incentive a website visitor with a discount offer? Sure thing! Just add the Discount block to the browse abandonment email. Same thing for cross-selling them to other products they might like; just use your algorithm-powered Similar Products block.
  • We’ve also implemented some safety measures for you to prevent possibly overwhelming your customers and prospects. We will intelligently determine how strong their purchasing intent is before sending them an email and we will never send them the same email twice within a short time window.

Browse Abandonment is available in your CM Commerce account today. Log in and choose one of our recipes, activate it and start making sales from those visitors that are ready to make a purchase.

Other, new goodies

As promised, I’d also like to give you an overview of the other goodies which we’ve released in the last couple of weeks:

  • The most notable addition is the Facebook Audience Sync feature. CM Commerce is your extensive CRM for all of your customers and prospects. When you sync that data to a Custom Audience in Facebook, you are able to refine your ads targeting which likely means lower costs and / or higher conversions. Learn more here.
  • Custom Fields got a complete overhaul. It is now easier to add, import and segment custom fields to augment your customer data and improve your personalisation. Subscription and popups also got an update to help you easily ask your subscribers for this data. (Hint: Asking for their birthday and triggering an email on that day is a winner.)
  • We have teamed up with Bannerbear to help you auto-generate banners and other design assets for your entire online store in just a few clicks. With this integration, you can easily showcase your customer reviews and product ratings in those images.
  • The way we do attribution and conversion tracking was rebuilt, so that you now have much better reporting on the ROI that your email marketing generates.
  • The email builder got a refresh and a clean-up. Different settings and options are now better organised to fit your workflow and reduce the time you need to spend in the builder.

Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash