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But beyond the buzz words, who is Maggie anyway?

“Hint: This is Adii, founder of CM Commerce, and not Maggie.

Turn Your Potentials into actual dollars

Maggie is always learning new tricks and is best known for her superpower: Automated Newsletters. This is how Maggie will magically help you reach Your Potentials and drive revenue growth:


Notice when you’re not engaging your audience optimally.


Identify the best time to reach out to Your Potentials.


Decide whether to highlight a recent best-selling product or highlight a high-performing product category.


Design a captivating newsletter for you.


Gather insights from your data to segment your audience perfectly.


Send you a proof to review (and click send).

Magic Images

Quicker than a trained Photoshop hand, Maggie can isolate products or models from their background to make your images pop. Let Magic Images be the new Pied Piper that draws your customers back in.

Theme Creator

New store or just new to CM Commerce? Maggie will automagically create a theme for your email that is on-brand and all you. Use it in Automated Newsletters or our library of pre-built Workflow Recipes.

Product Recommendations

A trick that Maggie has practiced so often, she can now do it blindfolded. Easily include data-driven product recommendations in your emails to help your customers discover new products they’ll love.

Dynamic Segmentation

Being able to use extensive segmentation criteria to define is cool (and you can do it in CM Commerce too). But it’s so 2019. Let Maggie dynamically create your most important customer segments for next-level ROI.

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