Project Nursery brings inspiration and personalized designs to nursery decor projects.

With CM Commerce, Project Nursery hits big ecommerce goals, while inspiring their audience with nursery and kid-friendly decor projects.

The Project Nursery mission is rooted in a deep desire to guide new and seasoned parents through life’s busiest season of welcoming an additional family member, providing vision, tools, and products for all of their baby nursery needs. Founders, Pam Ginocchio and Melisa Fluhr, truly believe that a nursery should be an extension of the parents’ home; a place that represents their particular style, as well as a personalized and comfortable space for their newborn child.

With expert-generated content, Project Nursery helps to inspire ideas for nursery decor and offers valuable information to parents tackling their first interior design or DIY project together. Through collaborations with top brands, Project Nursery hosts an ecommerce shop where they offer direct access to the most coveted design and decor products.

With the help of CM Commerce, Project Nursery saw a big boom in business.


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“CM Commerce brings all the key offerings we need as a growing ecommerce business into one place. The traffic sent to our site by CM Commerce converts higher than any other traffic source, with a 23x return on every dollar we spend.”

– Melisa Fluhr, Project Nursery Co-Founder

Newsletters keep potential customers engaged and Project Nursery top-of-mind.

The Project Nursery team works hard to deliver engaging and helpful content that subscribers get excited to receive. With a true understanding of parenthood and the obstacles that come along with it, Project Nursery uses their communications to position themselves as a one-stop-shop for all things baby—and a parents’ simple solution to personalized nursery design. 

Product reviews give shoppers the social proof they need.

Project Nursery makes sure to pay close attention to reviews, a feature they’ve found to be especially useful to their customers. With so many products to choose from, it can be difficult for parents to settle on the perfect items for their little ones. Product reviews on the Project Nursery site simplify this process and offer the social proof potential buyers are seeking. Plus, the Project Nursery team can use the reviews to help determine the more popular products they should restock, or any issues that they can quickly jump in to solve.

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