Moomin brings long-loved cartoon characters to life, reconnecting readers with their childhood.

With the help of CM Commerce, Moomin sparks conversations and creates a global network of Moomin-inspired shops and products.

The Moomin journey dates back to the 1930s and 1940s when Finnish artist, Tove Jansson, had her first Moomin-like character appearance in Garm Magazine. In 1945, the original Moomin story was published and from there, the creative series of Moomin books and comic strips found its stride. With over seventy-five years dedicated to its creation, the Moomin series now expands to interactive exhibitions, a TV program, and a full MoominValley Park that’s totally dedicated to bringing the Moomin world to life. 

The Moomin brand aims to build a global network of online Moomin shops—and a high-quality digital communication strategy is the key to success.

“Initially, we used Mailchimp, but we found the app’s integration with Shopify was lacking in specific features, which made it extremely difficult for us to pull data. With CM Commerce, we have a clear view of how people are interacting with the shop, newsletters, and emails. Plus, it’s a much more cost-effective solution.”

– Jonas Forth

Abandoned cart emails remind potential buyers of what they’re missing.

Moomin utilizes the CM Commerce abandoned cart feature to revive lost sales. And with an exclusive 10% discount added into the email, customers get the extra nudge they need to make a purchase.

Pre-built journeys keep the conversation flowing and Moomin fans engaged.

Moomin uses customer journeys to keep their followers totally engaged every step of the way. By putting the necessary information in front of the right audience at the perfect time, Moomin not only increases reader engagement but establishes valuable, long-lasting relationships with their customers. 

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