Klatch Coffee brews up big results with CM Commerce.

Together with CM Commerce, Klatch Coffee builds brand—and coffee—awareness, while simultaneously increasing and recovering sales.

Family-owned, Klatch Coffee has more than earned its name in the roasting world. Starting their journey with a mission to serve quality coffee, the Klatch team boldly pursued their passions, expanding the business from a single retail store into a global wholesale roaster and retailer.

Connecting with farmers around the world, these first-class roasters firmly believe that a quality cup of Klatch Coffee starts where the seeds are planted. And with a commitment to totally honest business practices, Klatch Coffee roastmasters travel all over the globe, building trust and loyalty with farmers, and ensuring that Klatch always gets the first look of each harvest.

With the help of CM Commerce, Klatch Coffee saw a big boost in business.





“Initially, we were working with Mailchimp, but without much flexibility in their platform, it was difficult for us to accomplish our goals. With CM Commerce and features like their pre-built templates, we have the ability to work quickly, which is crucial in our fast-paced world.”

– Heather Perry, Klatch Coffee Vice President

The “Klatchaholic” newsletter series brings quality to a coffee-lover’s world. 

Klatch Coffee wants to differentiate the way people look at coffee—and completely change the way they drink it. In their weekly newsletter, the Klatch team offers high-quality content, information, and new offerings, ensuring each coffee lover is properly educated on the art—and taste—of a quality cup of coffee.

Abandoned cart reminders have coffee drinkers reconsidering. 

Utilizing the CM Commerce abandoned cart reminders, Klatch Coffee can nudge almost-purchasers. These reminders recover lost sales and turn first-time buyers into loyal Klatch customers.

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