With CM Commerce, Cafe Joe yielded a 61% increase in overall conversion rates.

Cafe Joe hits hard with email marketing—and celebrates coffee lovers around the world.

Representing Israel as the country’s leading coffee chain, Cafe Joe expands to over 250 branches and points-of-sale across the country. A cup of Cafe Joe goes much farther than just your morning pick-me-up. The company truly strives to build an experience in each cup, respecting the drink as a culture, lifestyle, and ritual that defines each day.

Utilizing Shopify and CM Commerce to break into the U.S. market, Cafe Joe is committed to expanding their unique taste and rich aroma to coffee-lovers in other parts of the world.

With the help of CM Commerce, Cafe Joe saw a dramatic boost in business.







“CM Commerce has been a game-changer for a small company like ours where our marketing team is just two people. With the pre-built workflows and email automation, CM Commerce allows me to focus on running our business — without needing to worry about our email because it runs itself. Once we connected our Shopify account and activated the CM Commerce tools, our overall conversion rate shot up by 60%. We’ve seen a $58 return on investment for every dollar spent.”

– Aron Schoenfeld, CEO at Cafe Joe USA

An extensive email marketing strategy with a $58 return for every $1 spent.

In-house email expert, Becs Kemm developed a detailed email marketing strategy with results that speak for themselves. The strategy is rooted in a series of beautifully-designed and personalized emails that reach every customer at each specific stage of their journey. From email receipts with tailored upsells to targeting their repeat customer segment with unique calls-to-action, Cafe Joe fully delivers on the customer experience—and profits off some seriously healthy ROI in the process.  

Recovery rates climb to 11.8% with product ratings and abandoned cart sequences.

Since making the switch to CM Commerce, Cafe Joe includes product ratings and reviews in abandoned cart emails, giving customers a full overview of the products they missed out on. 

The CM Commerce product ratings and reviews tool has been especially great. The CM Commerce team made it super easy for us to use this social proof in our emails, which means that our abandoned cart recovery rate is almost 12%. – Aron Schoenfeld, CEO at Cafe Joe USA

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