Selligent Joins Marigold Family of Brands

CM Commerce Team

As you know, CM Commerce is part of Marigold, a family of brands devoted to excellent customer service and personalized martech solutions. 

Today, we’re excited to welcome Selligent Marketing Cloud, a staple in the United States and Europe, to join Marigold. Not only is this a group of hardworking people, but Selligent is also a company with an excellent track record in financial services, travel, entertainment, retail, and media organizations. 

About Selligent

Selligent has a history that goes back more than three decades, and their team has always focused on the businesses they serve—helping consumer-facing brands elevate their customers. 

Through the years, Selligent’s technology evolved, and now Selligent is a leader in AI and machine learning for marketers. Because Marigold brands deeply value personalization and support, we know Selligent will be a wonderful fit for our team.

What will change for current Marigold customers?

Nothing will change for our current Marigold customers or brands. This partnership simply means customers will have access to more technology and more options as their businesses expand. Our goal as a family of brands is providing marketers with a number of options for their specific needs.

How Selligent improves Marigold’s global impact

With the addition of Selligent Marketing Cloud, Marigold now has 70,000+ customers and over 1,000 employees. What’s more, this is our first acquisition with a company that specializes in multilingual localization. 

This is a big turning point for our company in terms of global service, and we’re excited to work with the Selligent team on marketing communications. As always, we’re proud to facilitate billions of emails worldwide, and we know Selligent will help us with that mission.

With Selligent in the Marigold portfolio, we believe our team and customers will have access to better resources that encourage faster innovation, and we’ll have a broader selection of complementary tech solutions. Welcome to the team, Selligent! 

Learn more by reading our press release here.