Introducing Follow-Up Emails

Guest Author

We’re very happy to introduce CM Commerce’s next set of paid features: Follow-Up Emails.

For a long time, it’s been our ambition to extend CM Commerce’s supercharged capabilities beyond just e-mail receipts. Whilst our e-mail receipts remain the foundation of what makes CM Commerce so powerful and valuable to our store owners and brands, there are so many other customer interactions that aren’t being optimally leveraged as a marketing and / or relationship-building opportunity.

CM Commerce (previously Receiptful) started with the premise that it’s always gonna be significantly more expensive to acquire a new customer than it’s going to be to retain an existing one. So we had a clear, primary goal in mind: build tools that would retain and engage existing customers in a way that ultimately increases Customer Lifetime Value.

We’ve already built Recommendations widgets¬†that leverages the opportunity¬†prior¬†to a purchase and our Receipts leverages the opportunity¬†at the time of the purchase. And now,¬†Follow-Up Emails¬†will help you leverage the opportunity¬†post-purchase.


What is Follow-Up Emails?

Follow-up Emails are sent after a purchase and always sent to existing customers. We’ve built¬†Follow-Up Emails to use the same email platform as our receipts, which means you get to use our beautiful drag ‘n drop builder to modify your follow-up emails along with our supercharged, integrated upsells and marketing components (that has helped our stores earn more than US$750k in additional revenue already).

The goal of Follow-Up Emails is very simple: engage existing customers with relevant, personalized and targeted marketing messages in a way that persuades them to spend more money with you.

On top of that, we built this to be fully automated (after your initial set up) and to be completely complimentary and consistent with the marketing you are already doing in your receipts.

Here’s a couple of examples of Follow-Up Emails you could send:

  • 3 days after a purchase, Follow-Up and ask your customer for feedback;
  • 7 days after a purchase, send your customers a reminder that their coupon (which was included in the receipt) will expire in 24 hours; or
  • 30 days after a ¬†purchase, send them an email with some tailored product recommendations to help them discover your other great products and get them to make another purchase with you.

(Click here for more examples.)

Start Engaging Your Customers Today!

For all of our existing premium users, Follow-Up Emails are already available and you can start using it right away. ūüôā

For new CM Commerce (previously Receiptful) users, sign up to the premium plan that is appropriate for your store and start supercharging your other customer interactions – and not¬†just¬†your receipts – too. All of our premium plans include a 14-day free trial and we’ll only charge your card if you’d like to continue using our premium features after your 14-day free trial.

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