The GDPR just made sending post-purchase emails much harder

Adii Pienaar

(Hint: We’re here to help though 😉. You should read on.)

GDPR is upon us (25 May 2018) and requires a new set of rules for collecting explicit consent from customers before you start emailing them.

In the past, when customers made a purchase from you, you would sign them up to a subscription list and you could send them marketing emails beyond those emails that directly relates to their purchase. The change that the GDPR requires is that you can’t do this automatically anymore and that your customers needs to explicitly opt-in for your marketing emails.

Some merchants have already been doing something similar, regardless of GDPR. For awhile now platforms like Shopify have included a simple checkbox on checkout to enable customers to select whether they want to accept post-purchase marketing emails.

This is not a bad thing in our minds: We believe that it is good for you to only market to those customers (and prospects) that are truly engaged and that have consented. Not doing this just skews your marketing metrics and will give you the wrong signal.

Where this gets tricky though is that we all know every additional step, form field and checkbox, during checkout will impact conversion rates negatively. We know that not all of your customers will complete checkout AND opt-in for your marketing emails.

And if you can’t send them post-purchase emails, it means you have a significantly tougher challenge to generate repeat purchases.

Conversio is here to help though.

Introducing our new “Opt-in Module” that leverages the awesome engagement of our receipt technology

Three years is a lot of time for things to change. In technology, three years is probably the equivalent of a lifetime considering how quickly and progressively companies are innovating and society is evolving.

For Conversio, many things have changed since our birth almost three and a half years ago. We are a different company, team and product today than where we started out.

One thing has however not changed: email receipts still consistently drives significant engagement and generates even more value. Looking at the more than 40m receipts we sent in the last year, the metrics are as strong as ever:

  • 65%+ open rate (the highest open rate of all emails)
  • 10%+ click rate
  • And an almost 2% conversion rate

We have built tools for Ecommerce merchants to leverage these great metrics either as way to keep their customers engaged or to help generate those repeat purchases (ah, Utopia).

Now you can also use your Conversio-powered receipts for collecting consent and making sure that you can send post-purchase follow-up emails to more of your customers.

Collecting consent via your receipts

To explain how this works, let’s assume that your customer completes checkout, but didn’t consent to receiving marketing emails from you.

The new opt-in module – exclusively designed for your email receipts – will check whether your customer has consented to receiving emails and marketing communication for you (so that we only send it to those customers that has not consented). If not, you can display a persuasive message to convince them to opt in for your emails and with a single tap or click, they will be subscribed. Let’s have a look at how this works:

Pretty simple (and sweet), right?

Leveraging the great engagement that your email receipts are already getting, you can now make sure that a bigger percentage of your customers actually gives you the necessary consent to continue building a relationship with them.

Collect more consent and start sending more post-purchase emails today

The new “Opt-in Module” is available immediately. Just edit your receipt and include this in your template to get started.

On another note: We have created a dedicated resource hub for all things Conversio and GDPR. We will be updating this sporadically in the next couple of weeks and hope that it is your go-to resource to ensure your Conversio account is GDPR-compliant.

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