Dig the Data, Heating Up

David Lebech

Spring is coming to The Northern Hemisphere, the world is slowly heating up, and in this edition of Dig the Data, we take the temperature of the websites that use Conversio.

The visualization below is a heatmap. Each cell shows website activity for a specific day of the week (e.g. Monday) and time of day (e.g. 1 pm – 2 pm). The timezone is fixed at GMT+0 (London time) so “Wednesday at 12” is lunchtime in London and breakfast in New York.

The cell coloring shows where there is most website activity. The warmer the color, the higher the activity. Hover over a cell (with your mouse or touch) to view the specific number.

(The visualization is also available in a standalone version.)

The data

The visualization uses website view and click stats from all the websites connected to Conversio. The data is from the four-week period between January 23 and February 19.

A view is recorded when a customer visits the website. A click occurs when a customer engages with a Conversio widget or clicks an email that links to a user website.


There are a few interesting things to note about the heatmap. For example, you can see that websites are generally most active in the evening and night. Most of Conversio’s users are stores located in the United States or United Kingdom, which explains why the activity is generally higher during the evening and night: Those times correspond to US business hours and UK evenings.

The heatmap changes (sometimes dramatically) when selecting another country. Try selecting the activity for United Kingdom by itself, and you can clearly see when most people are sleeping.

There are a few things that might jump off the page. One example: When viewing All Countries, why is there a bump in website view activity on Wednesdays at 7-8 am? There are two related explanations: First, the sample period is only four weeks so each cell value is the average of just four observations. Second, a few users had higher-than-normal website activity specifically on Wednesday, February 1 around 7 AM. Perhaps it was a flash sale, perhaps it was just random, but interesting none-the-less.

There are other fun outliers to find, you just need to look for them…

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