4 Ways To Reignite Your Abandoned Cart Recovery Rate

Aleana Bargaoui

“I did my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough~”

For some people, this song is all about love, heartbreak and missed chances when it comes to pursuing romantic relationships.

But for you, and other Ecommerce entrepreneurs, this song is played in your head whenever you glare at your screen and wish for your abandoned cart’s recovery rate to increase.

You’ve addressed your customers by their names in your email.

You’ve been specific and true to your brand’s most authentic self.

You’ve sent them a lot of abandoned cart recovery emails that talk about how unique your company is, how special and one-of-a-kind your services are, or how helpful your product is to them.

But so far, you still got nothing.


No spikes in your abandoned cart recovery rates, still.

If you’ve done all the “tried-and-tested” strategies to boost your abandoned cart recovery rate, but you’re still not satisfied with the results, why don’t you try thinking out of the box?

That’s why in this week’s video, we’ll discuss four ways in which you can reignite your abandoned cart recovery rate and finally achieve the sale you’ve been working so hard on getting:

1. Social Proof can supercharge your sales

The numbers don’t lie: nearly 70% of consumers depend on product ratings and reviews when buying.

Stand out from the rest and do what most merchants aren’t doing.

Include your product’s average rating in both the subject line and copy itself to increase its chances of being opened and read.

For subject line ideas, you can try including the product’s rating:

“You left some ★★★★★ in your cart! :(”
“2,311 like your product. Great choice! :)”
“You may lose these ★★★★★ if you don’t act today!”

Additionally, since you’re selling to humans (…right?) and humans are social creatures, doing so will create a social proof that you can leverage to encourage them to finalize the sale.

2. Figure out the #1 product that your customer is most likely to buy and highlight it on your follow up.

No one wants to receive an email containing a huge list of products for sale. It’s overwhelming.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Instead of bombarding your customer with multiple products, it’s better if you zero in on just one product and focus all your efforts into selling just that one, for now.

Feature the product’s Unique Selling Proposition.

Communicate its key benefits.

You can even include convincing testimonials of customers who purchased that exact product in the past. Highlight how it’s helped them solve their problems and made life easier for them.

3. Loyalty rewards for your customer, sales for you

During your abandoned cart recovery campaign, inform the customer just how much incentive they’ll get for finalizing their purchase with you.

One of the most effective techniques is allowing your customers to use their loyalty points to pay for their purchase.

Wanna know just how effective this is?

In a similar campaign that I’ve helped implement, we found out that abandoned cart recovery emails that were member-specific and sent to members of rewards clubs recovered 6x revenue higher than generic abandoned cart recovery emails that were sent to non-rewards members.

4. “Hail Mary” Pass

If they still haven’t done anything to recover their abandoned cart, even if you’ve already sent them a series of high-quality abandoned cart recovery emails, the worst thing you can do is throw in the towel, play “Love Yourself” and forbid this prospect from ever talking to you again.

Dust off yourself, wear your sincerest smile and invite them to join your mailing list instead.

This way, you can send them nurturing emails that will forge a trusting relationship with them over the extended period of time of your interaction.

You can email them monthly newsletters about your company’s background, a free ebook that can help them with their problem or even future product launches that they’ll ultimately want to actively take part in.

Check out this video for today and let me know your thoughts below!


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