The Secret of Creating Something Remarkable

Guest Author

One day, while she was at the post office, Kate Adams started to feel frustrated: all she wanted to do is send a handwritten “thank you” note to someone, and now she’s wasting her lunch hour waiting in a long line. That’s when she had the idea: to change the way we “give gratitude”, by making it simple and quick, while maintaining the handwritten, personalized aspect.

Her simple tweak is what separates her store from all the gift and gift card stores, but it comes with its own challenges too.

In this episode, we chat with Kate about creating a unique, scalable, consistent quality product, even when the product is essentially handmade.

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Some of the best quotes from the episode:

If even I had a billion dollars, I would still be doing the same exact thing. Click To Tweet I didn’t even have a business, but I still pitched my idea. I had my first client, I wasn’t ready, but I said yes. Click To Tweet People would ask: How do you know this would work?, and I would say: Well, because I already sold it. Click To Tweet

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