Why There Is No Shame in Starting Small and Imperfect

Guest Author

Calvin Quallis wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Prior to Scotch Porter, he co-owned a small barbershop in Newark, New Jersey. He experimented with skin, hair, and beard grooming products that he created with his own hands, which his customers loved and kept asking for.

Eventually, he took the plunge and decided to start a business selling his handmade products. But he didn’t have online business experience, and he didn’t have huge capital, yet he was able to create a line of products that has raving fans.

In today’s episode, we hear from Calvin, how he did that, in an already saturated, highly competitive market.

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Some of the best quotes from the episode:

I’m not a chemist, but I went home and started tinkering until we came with products that customers enjoyed. Share on X One of the biggest pluses for me was having intimate dialogues with customers and understanding them. Share on X We focused on an underserved market, and it made it easier for us to get the word out. Share on X

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