Now You Can Stay Relevant and Have Limited Products with Headbands of Hope

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In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of selling only one product and being hyper targeted.

Jessica Ekstrom was an intern at a wish granting organization, when she noticed that a lot of kids loved to wear headbands after hair loss from chemotherapy. With this simple idea, she founded Headbands of Hope. For every headband sold, a headband is given away to a child with cancer. Headbands of Hope is just one example of how a company that didn’t need a ton of products to scale and remain interesting.

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Some of the best quotes from the episode:

Entrepreneurship is impulsive problem solving, and the answer is to start a business. Click To Tweet The way to keep a single product fresh, is to anticipate trends. Click To Tweet You shouldn't have to choose between making a difference and making a living. You could do both at once. Click To Tweet

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