How to Grow Your Ecommerce Traffic

Danny Wong

1. Introduction

Ecommerce entrepreneurs are creative geniuses, and they know how to make a great product. However, their skills sometimes fall flat when it comes to marketing their business. Though they may be good at branding, customer service and product development, they struggle to advertise their own products to grow their customer base and popularity.

Sure, marketing can be hard. But you don’t have to let that fear prevent you from promoting your business.

Ecommerce marketing is a big tent full of many ideas, strategies and potential pitfalls, but its principles are logically-sound and anyone can take advantage of them to drive high-quality traffic to their website and provide a meaningfuls service to their customers. Once you understand the various approaches and requirements for maintaining a solid marketing program, you can create a customized solution that speaks specifically to your shoppers and grants you the audience you need to scale.


In this guide, we illustrate a variety of approaches you can take to grow your website’s traffic. Here, we reference anecdotes, examples and statistics to inspire you to capture and retain new visitors month over month.

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