Say Hello to Conversio

Guest Author

Receiptful was born exactly two years ago and had only one goal: we wanted to turn email receipts into a marketing opportunity.

Fast-forward to today and it feels like everything has changed dramatically since our launch. We now help more than 15,000 Ecommerce stores grow their businesses, we have pioneered supercharged email receipts (having sent more than 25M of them) and our tools now extend way beyond just receipts.

As much as we loved and grown into our name – “Receiptful” – it started to feel a little claustrophobic and confusing within our new reality.

Conversio: Your All-in-One Marketing Dashboard

We wrote another article about some of the softer considerations that went into our rebrand and how that reflects who we are as a company and team.

The other major consideration in the rebrand came from a product perspective, where we wanted to better communicate two things:

  1. Conversio wasn’t only about receipts, even though our supercharged receipt technology is still the foundation of our product.
  2. We wanted to shift the focus to all of our available marketing tools and how they can benefit Ecommerce store owners.

The name “Conversio” is a play on two things that are very close to our hearts: conversations and conversions. We have been progressively moving towards building a dashboard where we can help you have better conversations (with your customers) that ultimately results in conversions (more revenue).

We know that it’s incredibly hard to build a business and we’ve seen how time is a major constraint for most Ecommerce store owners and marketers. This is also where our new tagline and value statement comes from: Sell More. Do Less.

Conversio is your all-in-one marketing dashboard. It’s designed to be intelligent, automated and convenient. (If you’re curious about some of the benefits of having an all-in-one dashboard, you should read this.)

We’re also hoping to really emphasize this point with the introduction of two brand new features: Email Newsletters and Product Reviews.

Email Newsletters


We’ve often heard that our customers really enjoy using our email builder to design their various emails, but then they’re bummed when they can’t get the same awesomeness designing their newsletters. So we listened and we built this.

Our key goal with Newsletters was to build the most integrated email newsletter functionality available out there. What this simply means is that instead of designing your emails with static content all the time, you can use all of our dynamic marketing modules. Things like the ability to create coupons on-the-fly or including personalized product recommendations are now a reality.

Since everything is included in one dashboard, we can also up your reporting game, where we can not only show you opens and clicks from your Newsletters; we’ll show you any conversions as well. No more bouncing between your email provider, analytics suite and Ecommerce platform trying to figure out where your sales are coming from. We just do it for you.

Similarly, we can also put our machines to work to build segmented mailing lists for you based on your customers’ actual behaviors and purchasing history. This is just another little thing we do to help you send more personalized emails that convert better.

See the feature in action.

Product Reviews


Beyond Newsletters, we’ve also often had so many customers beg us to build Product Reviews into their existing Receiptful / Conversio dashboard. Considering that we’ve had Feedback (used for general customer feedback) for more than a year now, this was a feature that made a lot of sense.

Product Reviews has a dedicated section within the Conversio dashboard, where you can moderate your customers’ reviews of your products and then design widgets to display those on your website.

To gather reviews from your customers, we use our existing Followup Emails technology. This allows you to build an email (using anyone of our sending rules) using our new Product Reviews module. We’ve also built this module in such a way that your customers can submit their reviews straight from the email instead of having to click through to your website first (which helps significantly with conversions).

We have also made it possible for you to import your existing reviews from services like Shopify Reviews or Yotpo.

Something that greatly excites us about Product Reviews is how we can start using this data within our recommendation algorithm. And just generally to help you generate even more revenue from Conversio.

See the feature in action.

What’s included in the box?

The best part of today’s announcement is that both these two new features are included within a Conversio Premium subscription at no additional cost (unless you are planning to send high volumes of newsletters). We are also not increasing the prices of a Conversio Premium subscription.

It is our goal to really build the All-in-One Marketing dashboard for Ecommerce stores and we want to do that at a price point that is accessible to as many small- and medium-sized businesses as possible. This was also why we changed our pricing – to adapt to your store’s performance – a couple of months ago.

Today marks the next chapter in our journey and we’re hoping that we’ll continue to meet more Ecommerce store owners and marketers that wants to join us on that journey. We know that everyone wants to sell more, yet do less. 🙂