New Features: Extended Tracking & Digital Products

Guest Author

The second best thing that we get to say today is that our decision to tweak our strategy and make CM Commerce free has already paid significant dividends. Since this announcement, we’ve seen an exponential bump in new signups and we’re also sending more receipts every day & week.

The actual best thing that we can share today is that we also have proof that CM Commerce (previously Receiptful) is actually making our users more money. 🙂


Above you’ll see a screenshot of the dashboard for one of our customers. The magic is in the bottom-right corner: Revenue Generated.

In the last 2 weeks, we rolled out and refined our tracking functionality, which basically means we can now track the impact of you receipts all the way through opens, clicks (actions taken) and the eventual monetary value thereof. Right now, there’s two ways in which CM Commerce (previously Receiptful) can effect additional revenue:

  1. If a recipient uses a coupon code that was published in a receipt; and
  2. If a recipient clicks a link within the receipt (for example a product recommendation or cross-sell) and ends up buying it.

The thing that excites us about this is the feedback loop related to the impact and success of beautiful receipts that include marketing prompts of some kind. This will also allow us along with our users to experiment with various types of marketing prompts and upsells to figure out how to use every receipt as a better marketing opportunity.

Along with the work we put into our tracking functionality, the other major feature we released has been support for digital products. So if you’re selling a digital product of any kind, we’ll now include a download link within the receipt.

We’re also excited to share that we have been testing our Shopify integration with a handful of beta testers and we hope to release this as a public beta very soon.

In our minds, there’s still a few productive days of 2014 left to build and release a few more things so that January can be off to a fast & growth-focused start. 🙂