Introducing the new Conversio: The easiest way to do advanced marketing for your Ecommerce store

Adii Pienaar

Whenever we ask our highest-performing brands what they love most about Conversio, we often get a variation of this: “It’s the easiest way to do really advanced marketing for my Ecommerce store.”

One of the key goals for us has always been to build a simple and very powerful product. We know that running a business means never-ending todo lists and never enough time; so we’ve created a product that just works, makes it convenient to use multiple tools in a single dashboard and uncovers new or unique value that brands weren’t able to easily tap into before.

When we initially launched as Receiptful way back in November 2014, we helped brands use their email receipts to drive new sales. We were also the first email marketing solution – at least within the Shopify ecosystem – that enabled brands to send their customers personalised, unique discount coupons on-the-fly. Since then our email builder and various email blocks have evolved greatly, where their capabilities and deep integration with your Ecommerce platform make it super easy to do really advanced stuff (like including the recent reviews for all products mentioned in an abandoned cart email).

Today marks the most significant next step in our journey to give you more marketing power and capabilities than ever before.

Workflows, Recipes and the marketing automation on easy-mode

We’re super excited to announce the release of Workflows (which has been in beta for a couple of weeks) and Recipes today, which along with our recent release of Themes has changed – and supercharged – the way you’ll use Conversio and do marketing automation going forward.

At the risk of being too wordy here, let’s change to a higher gear. Have a look at how quick and easy it is to set up an extensive, high-performing marketing automation using one of our Recipes:

With these new Recipes, we wanted to help you browse through a library of our best marketing automations and then get any of those implemented with a couple of clicks. You have the option of tweaking these a little or tweaking them a lot; either way you have a solid foundation from which to work to improve your current marketing.

Workflow Recipes

And yes, if you consider yourself an email marketing Picasso, then you can start a Workflow from a blank canvas and just build your own recipe.

You’re in the driving seat and we’ve just upgraded your marketing capabilities with more horsepower. So we’ll let you make the decision of how you use Conversio; we just wanted to make it as simple and powerful as possible. Going forward, there’s no more reason for Ecommerce brands to overpay for clunky marketing automation software.

What’s next for Conversio?

Workflows, Recipes and Themes completely changes the way that we envisage our highest-performing brands will use Conversio. We imagine that every action you will take in Conversio in future will start with or – at least – involve a Workflow of some sort.

Today’s release (along with the evolution of Conversio’s overall dashboard in recent months) is mostly all about email-related automations. The next steps are however for us to expand the capabilities to other areas too.

We’ve already started planning for a world where we can use workflows to react if a customer leaves a 1 star review. Or where any trigger can interact with a third-party app to take a non-email action.

We will continue to power up the capabilities of your Conversio account, while helping you be the best marketer you can be without ever compromising simplicity or ease-of-use. Conversio is marketing automation on easy mode.

Get started with one of our Recipes now and try Workflows by yourself!

Not using Conversio yet?

Bonus: Bells & Whistles

In addition to our goal of building something that is easy-to-use and simple, yet immensely powerful, we also want to build a product that is fun and has character.

In a beauty pageant-like showdown of all ESP’s, we’re sure that Conversio will place very well. Beyond the beautiful design, Workflows also includes a bunch of smaller design interactions and animations to give it more personality. We asked Adam, our lead designer on this project, to share some of his favourites: