How Magic Images doubled this brand’s revenue from email automations

Guest Author

We released a brand-new feature – Magic Images – today, which we’d love to tell you more about. This feature really continues to recent work we’ve been doing to give merchants and marketers a superpower that removes the guesswork and time investment from doing engaging, profitable email marketing.

This isn’t your standard feature release post either. Below is a short, video demo showing Magic Images in action along with a research study we did, and then we also have a case study that both shows you how captivating Magic Images are in emails, as well as how it increases your revenue.

Magic Images In Action

With Magic Images we looked at what the leading Ecommerce and DTC brands were doing with imagery in their emails, but soon realised that this required way too much time and skills in Photoshop (or money if being outsourced).

We think when you see this video though, you’ll agree that we have created a magical experience and process here:

On its own, that is an amazing experience: upload any photo, make it transparent and just-like-that you have visually taken your emails to the next level.

But how much is that worth?

We went to Upwork and posted a job for freelancers to take the same image and cut out the subject out from the background (effectively what Magic Images does too). We got quotes from 30+ freelancers and here’s what the data shows (you can see our spreadsheet here):

  • The average hourly rate for the freelancers who quoted is $13.87.
  • They estimated needing 37 minutes on average for each image.
  • Which means that every image would cost you $8.14.

In other words, Magic Images saves you at least 37 minutes and $8.14 for every image that you use in your email marketing. (And this excludes the additional time and energy required to outsource the work, interact with freelancers etc.)

What’s more is that we found the resultant image quality of Magic Images was better than the various trials submitted to us by the freelancers (click to see the full-sized version):

All of this has been about saving you time and money (time is money too, so basically, saving you money and money). Let’s dig into a case study that shows Magic Images makes you money too.

Doubling Automation Revenue With Magic Images

Disclaimer: I worked with Front Row on this case study whilst Magic Images was a crude, internal beta. Front Row is owned by my wife and as such, I’ve included more details here to give you complete transparency and all of the context that shows you what the impact of Magic Images has been.

Let’s start by looking at the results (comparing March data with February):

We implemented the new Workflows on 1 March (yes – my side hustles happen on weekends) and this was the first full month of data. Two further things to note:

  • South Africa (where we’re based), went on complete lockdown on 26 March and Front Row was unable to trade at all until 4 May.
  • The above graph on its own looks amazing, but is also not the full truth. In implementing the new Workflows, we re-did the previous Follow-up campaigns (which we used before releasing Workflows last year) and the reporting doesn’t compare the two. Revenue attributed to Follow-up campaigns in the previous period was 26,480.00 ZAR.
  • Overall revenue from February to March declined 35% (impacted by the inability to trade with the hard lockdown in the latter stages of March, as you can see on this graph from Shopify). The percentage of total revenue that can be attributed by email increased by 235% though.

In this case study, we’ll focus on the new subscriber welcome sequence, which consisted of 6 separate emails.

For March, this sequence accounted for about 80% of the revenue from email automations and effectively made about $10 (based on napkin math with today’s USD:ZAR exchange rate) for every new subscriber / prospect that entered the workflow.

A preview of the successful campaign

Let’s breakdown the various emails that are being sent in this sequence. )If you click the bolded link to the email, you’ll see a full preview and see the Magic Images in complete glory.)

  1. Prospect Welcome Coupon (Immediately). The first email that sends immediately once a subscriber has signed up to get the 10% discount offer (from the popup on the website). The coupon is automatically generated and unique for every recipient (it also excludes any products that are currently on sale).
  2. The Brand Story (Day 1). This is a simpler email directly from Jeanne, the owner, to share a little bit of background on the brand, its history and values. The primary goal is not sales, but instead longer-term nurture.
  3. 8 Reasons To Buy (Day 5). This email is very visual and aspirational again. It communicates the main product benefits and features to nudge the prospect closer to making that first purchase.
  4. How Do You Decide? (Day 10) Front Row offers different types of hair products and depending on the customer’s unique need, some products are a better fit (pun intended). This email links them to the guide on the website to help them make the best decision.
  5. Coupon Reminder (Day 14). For those prospects that have not yet made a purchase at this stage, we’ll remind them that the discount expires within 24 hours. The email doesn’t include a new coupon at this stage; it uses the same, unique coupon that was sent at the beginning of the sequence.
  6. Push for the unsubscribe (Day 16). This is email has again been designed as a personal email from the founder and asks the subscriber to consider unsubscribing unless they want to stay updated / engaged in future. Why push any subscriber to unsubscribe? If someone is not engaging with your emails, it is better (for your metrics and sending reputation) to rather not continue sending them emails.

We have also seen that the first three emails in this sequence has a 13% increase in open rates (increasing from an average of 38% to 43% month-on-month) compared to its predecessor. This suggests two things:

  • The visual nature of the emails with Magic Images engages customers more; and
  • The quality of that engagement (measured in the doubling of the revenue attributed to this campaign) is also higher.

Magic Images is available today and can you help you take the design of your emails to the next level without having to invest more time or money.

Adding a few Magic Images to your emails today and sprucing up those automations is possibly one of the most profitable to do’s you can add to your list this week.