Introducing the New Receipt Builder

Guest Author

Time flies when you’re having fun.

That’s probably never been more true than has been the case in the last couple of weeks whilst we’ve been working on our new Receipt Builder. And today we get to show you what we’ve been working on.

Instead of telling you, let me show you first…

That looks pretty neat, right?

What you’ve seen is just one small part of our new Receipt Builder. In a sense this is actually CM Commerce (previously Receiptful) V1, because we always imagined that it would be this easy and slick to craft beautiful, supercharged e-mail receipts.

When we started working on CM Commerce, we wanted to build something that would leverage the missed marketing opportunity that e-mail receipts inherently represents. We also knew that we’d heard far too many stories about marketers waiting for the technical guys to implement their strategies, because the tools available required hard-coding. This was true for e-mail receipts (and all transactional e-mails for that matter) and we wanted to change that, because CM Commerce is here to empower marketers.

To that extent, the new Receipt Builder is a strong, purposeful step in the right direction. It’s never been easier to have beautiful, supercharged e-mail receipts and along with some upcoming additions (more on that below), we’ll soon empower you to take control of every pixel of your e-mail receipt.

(PS. New customers can just log into their accounts and start using the new Receipt Builder immediately.)

What’s Next?

We don’t normally share the next to do’s on our product roadmap (mostly because the roadmap changes often), but today feels like a good time to make an exception. In addition to today’s release, there’s a couple of related items on our roadmap that we’ll be releasing in Q2:

  • Rich Text Formatting. Yes, we’ll be WYSIWYG‘ing all of the text you see on the receipt. It’ll be slick, it’ll be in-line and you’ll love us for this.
  • Custom Receipt Templates. We have one goal in mind: we want you to control every pixel of your receipts (or as many pixels as you want). This is a biggie for us, so I won’t share too many details, except that it’s definitely coming.
  • More upsells / marketing components. We have a couple more ideas for upsells to make available within your receipts. Next up is an Uber- / Dropbox-like referral mechanism… Can you say “Give your friend $10 and we’ll give you $10”? 🙂

These are truly exciting times… We’re sending more receipts every day and our learning has been immense.

But that’s just my marketing speak, right? Wrong.

You don’t have to trust me:

The best kind of customer feedback to wake up to…

— adii (@adii) February 27, 2015

We’re releasing an infographic with all of our findings later this month. Sign up to our mailing list and we’ll send you the details; our data is sure to intrigue.

Anyway, have fun with the new Receipt Builder!