Introducing the Brand Trust Platform™: Marketing tools for inclusion, not influence

Guest Author

In 2018, I don’t think the world is as we have intended it. Despite our “best intentions”, poverty, inequality and discrimination remains significant societal challenges.

A recent study for the BBC, found that 3 out of every 4 people believe the world is more divided (60% of which believe it is more divided than 10 years ago).

Technology was supposed to make us more connected. Mark Zuckerberg says that the world is more divided than what he expected. This is poignant considering the extent to which Facebook has influenced the accelerating divide.

Our collective societal challenges are multi-faceted of course. It would however be negligent to ignore these in the context of building a business today and in future.

So what does this mean for Ecommerce brands?

Here at Conversio we’ve spoken about trust extensively.

A recurring theme when we have spoken about trust, marketing and growing your Ecommerce brand, has been how hard it is to get attention and stand out in crowded marketplaces. Paid ads are becoming unsustainably expensive and social media usage is flattening out (you are paying more for less attention).

When we think about inequality and how minorities are being marginalised in society, we can liken it the rise of influencer marketing in recent years.

What we’ve basically done is given an elite few individuals a massive microphone to promote things to us in the most insincere, manicured and unreal way. Given that we’re talking about an “elite few”, this practice is not one that values inclusion or diversity.

The same challenge that haunts paid ads is however also hampering influencer marketing:

  • Many brands are paying 10 times what they’d pay to reach the same number of people in a traditional or digital media buy. (Source)
  • Fake follower counts is a major issue and an “above average” engagement rate on sponsored posts is a measly 4%.
  • In Germany alone, brands are spending up to $500M a year on fraudulent influencers. (Source)
  • 76% of marketers says determining ROI on influencer marketing is their biggest challenge. And only 46% use actual sales as a way to calculate ROI. (Source)

We believe that we can do better – in business and in our communities – than this.

Influencer marketing is not dead, but it is changing.

The Sprout Social 2018 Index found that “Consumers want brands to dump the photoshopped models from ads and replace them with authentic real men and women — people like us.”

Consumers are also twice as likely to consider a product recommended by a friend than a celebrity or influencer. Another way in which to read that is that recommendations from “people like us” will resonate more than the inauthentic, polished stuff with which we are being bombarded every day.

Instead of giving a handful of influencers – some of which have no affinity for your brand – a microphone, why not give all of your customers the same opportunity?

Build a diverse, inclusive brand WITH your customers

The next, big Ecommerce brands will build real relationships with their customers and craft a brand those customers absolutely love. All of their interactions with their customers will be smarter, richer, more personal and better timed. Conversations will be kinder and rooted in mutual trust.

The Brand Trust Platform is about inclusion and diversity. It gives back the power to your real customers and empowers them to represent your true brand. We need more opinions and perspectives; not less.

Build a brand for real people. Then let your customers amplify your story.

The Brand Trust Platform will help you do this in a variety of ways:

  • Engage your customers, have conversations and get their honest feedback.
  • Put your customers on a pedestal and make them center of your universe.
  • Generate trust (powered by your customers) and make that omnipresent (on your website, in your email marketing and on social media).

View all of the tools and features included in the The Brand Trust Platform.

Be a first-mover. Make this bet.

We don’t have a crystal ball, psychic powers or any insider trading. As a team we believe in living differently and consequently building a business in a better way. This mindset is our North Star and it is what guides how we build our own business.

It also significantly influences the tools we are building for you. Hopefully you’ll join us on this mission in pursuit of a better tomorrow (for all).

There are many current trends to which we can point (and as we have done on our blog recently) that validates that we’re not completely crazy. We believe that these trends will continue to accelerate.

Consider this for a moment… Apple recently announced new iOS features to track your screen time and to essentially spend less time on your device (and more time in your life). If the world’s biggest company (that only grows if we use and buy more devices from them) is drawing a line in the sand, then we are nearing a tipping point.

Using the Brand Trust Platform today or adopting some of our ideas in other ways is not a short-term play. While we have proven that we can help Ecommerce brands improve their email marketing and grow their business with these ideas & tactics, this is not the main benefit.

What we’re inviting you to do is to make a bet on what the future of technology, Ecommerce and life will look like.

We bet it’s more about honesty, authenticity, real connection, trust, equality, diversity, inclusion and above all, kindness.

Will you join us?