Non-Email Things That Could Break Your Emails

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Email is 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

It’s one of the reasons why you’re busting your moves, investing thousands of dollars and consulting with the top firms on how to improve your email marketing campaigns, right?

After all, email marketing drives customer retention and acquisition, according to 80% of professionals.

That’s why you’re very concerned about any email-specific thing:

– Is the copy for the email compelling enough?

– Are you making the effort to personalize your emails so you don’t sound like a robot about to take over the Earth?

– Did you hire an amazing graphic designer and branding coach so your emails look like they’re consistent with your brand’s visual identity?

And this is also why you tend to measure the success of your email marketing campaign exclusively on email-specific metrics such as clicks, opens, conversion rates and contribution to customer retention rates, correct?

Doing these activities is okay.

But do you really want to stop at just “okay”?

Is scratching only the surface of how email marketing can help your business grow enough for you?

Or do you want to go above and beyond and work on these four non-email elements that could make or break your email marketing campaign?

In this week’s video, we’re going to talk about the five things that you need to fix in your business so you can have an effective email marketing strategy:


1. Product Market Fit

Key Question: Based on its current price, quality and value proposition, is there an actual demand for your product?

If there’s no product market fit, you’re going to have a hard time selling your products to your target customers – even if you hired marketing master Seth Godin to write your emails for you.

What you should do: Refine your product’s pricing in relation to the value it’s offering.

2. Marketing Messaging and Communication

Key Question: Is your email copy as persuasive as your sales copy on your website?

The way you present your product offer on your email should be in the same manner as in your website.

What you should do: Check out the wordings in your website – are they similar to your email copy?

Saying your product “increases employee productivity steadily, over time” in your website and then saying it’s “an overnight solution” in your email copy is a red flag you need to fix.

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3. Checkout Functionality

Key Question: Are you making it insanely easy for your customers to check out?

A successful email marketings ends up in a successful sale.

All the fantastic email copy and amazing visual identity of your email will be for nothing, if your checkout page is lacking.

What you should do: Figure out if there’s a specific checkout feature that you need to work on:

– Is the trust & security of the payment processor present? Or does it look shady?
– Does the checkout page load fast enough, or is it super slow that your customers will just close the window in frustration?

– How’s the user-friendliness of the checkout page? Are there some clickable buttons that need to be more prominent?

4. Quality of Prospects

Key Question: Is the profile of your email subscribers similar to the profile of your target customers of your product (and your email copy)?

If the subscribers you’re entering into your email funnel are not the right fit, you’re preaching to the wrong choir.

What you should do: Fix your lead generation copies so you can be sure that the people signing up to your email list have the same profile as the people you want to do business with you.

I hope you invested five minutes of your time to watch this video today! Any other helpful insights you’d want to add? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll check them out!


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