6 Simple Email Automation Tricks To Grow Customer Loyalty

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As humans who strive for convenience and efficiency, we place a special attention on implementing effective tricks that can help us kill two birds with one stone in all areas of our life. Today, we’re going to focus on doing this in the area of email marketing.

I’m talking about using segmented emails to kill two birds: growing customer loyalty and increasing your company’s profit.

Sending emails to a segmented audience will increase click rates by 100.95%. This means that over time, click rates will increase on your emails as long as you’re sending them to a segmented audience. The more targeted and relevant the emails are, the more your customers will open them, and the more they’re likely to be engaged with you.

More engaged customers = better relationship between customer and you.

Now, that’s nice and all, but what does this mean?

Customers will spend more as their trust in the relationship grows. Over time, loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones.

The key here is using automated email marketing to grow customer loyalty via your rewards program – and once you’ve done this – focusing more on your most loyal customers so you can generate more profit over the long run.

Before we start, I want you to know that I’m not pulling these tricks out of thin air. We got these prime techniques out of implementing CM Commerce’s integration with our awesome friends over at Smile.io. As long as you have a rewards program in place, you can apply these tactics with most email service providers, but of course we’d love for you to use CM Commerce instead. 😉


R: Remind your customers of their rewards data in every email you send them, especially in newsletters.

For the customers who have already signed up to your rewards program, make sure to include their rewards status in the emails they get from you. Doing so proactively reminds them that your company fiercely values their loyalty and that they can get more value for their money by doing business with you.

Your customer has 555 loyalty points? Let them know by including their points balance in all your emails.

Your customer is already under a VIP tier? Include the name of the tier in the email they receive.

For a non-rewards member, include a Call-to-Action link that says something like “Oh, you’re not earning points from your purchases yet! Here’s your link to sign up to our Rewards Program. Join now so you can earn rewards points that you can use for discounts and special promos exclusive to members only.”

E: Email a post-purchase message to your new customers.

15-30 minutes after a first-time customer buys from you, send them a post-purchase email with some information about your rewards program. You can start by telling them something like “Hey, you can earn points from the purchase you just made. Click here to be a member now!”

The sooner you can get your first-time customer to join your rewards program, the more you can reward them for doing business with you. And the more you can reward them, the less buying friction there will be, so you can generate more profit.

W: Want to take this further? Send a referral link to repeat customers who are members of your rewards program.

For members of your rewards program, send them a referral link along with their points balance. Tell them that they can also earn rewards points by referring your business to their friends. Remember: consumers are twice as likely to consider a product recommended by a friend than a celebrity or influencer.

This way, you can keep your repeat customers engaged and you can increase the chances of your business getting new customers – two birds with one stone, remember?

A: Automate your abandoned cart recovery campaign by segmenting and sending an email only to rewards customers.

61% of online shoppers abandon their carts because of extra costs such as shipping fees.

To solve this, you need to segment your abandoned cart campaign – find out which customers who abandoned their carts are also members of your rewards program. Then, send them a specific email saying that they redeem their rewards points as discounts for the cart that they abandoned.

Based on a case study we did here at CM Commercec, we found out that implementing this tactic can increase your recovery revenue by 30% all the way up to 6x increase in revenue recovered per email sent. The best thing about this is you’re not issuing new discounts – you’re just giving them a nice little push to use the points balance they earned.

R: Reward points in exchange for product reviews.

If all the tricks we’ve discussed so far seem overwhelming, here’s a low-hanging fruit you can start with: encourage customers to leave honest product reviews by giving them rewards points.

This method reinforces the mutually beneficial relationship that you want to have with your customers. It’s a trusting give-and-take interaction that benefits both parties: you get honest feedback and they get rewards points.

Plus, if they use their rewards points in the future, it’s another win for you since you get another sale. Not a bad deal, don’t you think?

D: Different kinds of tiers within your rewards program? Remind your customers how many points they need to get to the next level.

Imagine receiving this email:

“Hey, Adii, you’re only 200 points away from reaching the VIP tier! Reaching this tier gives you the following additional benefits…”

You’d be pretty enthusiastic to earn more points, right?

Send the same message to your clients. Offer them a personalized gift based on their personal purchase history when they reach the next tier. Segment this campaign so it’s more targeted and streamlined.

Now tell me, if you can choose only one trick, which would you start with? Need help with implementing these tricks? Shoot me an email at [email protected]. Also, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


The sooner you can get your first-time customer to join your rewards program, the more you can reward them for doing business with you. More rewards for customers = more inclined to buy from you. Click To Tweet This email automation trick allows you to keep your customers engaged and increase your chances of getting new customers… Click To Tweet Remember these 6 email automation tricks to grow customer loyalty by memorizing R-E-W-A-R-D. Click To Tweet What if you could increase your recovery revenue by 30% all the way up to 6x increase in revenue recovered per email sent just by doing this one thing? Hint: you don’t need to issue new discounts! Click To Tweet 61% of online shoppers abandon their carts because of extra costs such as shipping fees. Encourage your rewards members to use their points to offset shipping fee. Click To Tweet